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Spam Spam Condome is email filtersoftware, working as proxy server. The software connects your email client software ( i.e. Outlook ) with the post office. Unsolicited emails will be filtered and never show up in your inbox. To minimize chances of deleting important emails, the software can be configured to store all emails on the hard disk.

  Use Spam Condome to
get a quick overview of incoming email without starting the email client.
classify emails and delete spam.
classify emails in order to manage them seperatly.
delete eMails containing executable attachments or to remove executable attachments from incoming emails. ( MiMail, MyDoom, ... )

  There are several possibilities to fight spam:
Statistical methods try to categorize emails based on header, subject and/or content. To be succesful the user has to classify emails during a learning phase.
Another method is to make use of the user community and build a list of email senders that have been revealed as spammers. Not so long ago this method had been in the news, because someone had put GMX on this list. For a while no GMX user was able to emails to inboxes that were protected by software using this approach.
A useful approach is the classification of emails using white and black lists and keywords. This can be combined with an analasis of email header and content to classify spam emails.