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Spam Nowadays spam has become a topic for extensive discussion in the media and in politics. Some countries even intend to put spam under the law. However, locating and sueing offender abroad certainly will be intricate. Users therefore will have to expect spam henceforth. Many spam originators are offering a possible deletion from their addresse list. This, however, is usually used solely for confirmation of the address. Instead of an anticipated deletion multiplied spam is normally received thereafter. Filter programmes, such as Spam Condome, are offering protection from spam. Emails not wanted are deleted by various criteria before reaching the in-box. Manual deletion will no longer be required. Using intelligent filters and/or a combination thereof automatic detection of spam or removal of unsolicited mail without user action is possible. Spam Condome, for example, uses a multitude of different filters.

  For filtering incoming emails Spam Condome offers basic functions like white and black lists in the Freeware edition. The Shareware-Edition disposes of additional filtering capabilities and is more comfortably to be used.

Emails containing executable attachments are used by email worms like MiMail, MyDoom and others. These emails will be blocked or the attachments will be deleted from the email thereby minimizing the danger of doing harm to the system.

The complete functionallity of this system is offered for testing over a period of 21 days. Thereafter a license must be purchased. The basic functionallity remains available nevertheless.