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Spam Condome SC.1.1.001.exe
This installation's MD5 checksum is 24ADED26698CB2CC4F161A2896981588

POP3Checker POP3Checker.0.9.006.exe
This installation's MD5 checksum is A997DD891BA4AF489193716FE726C040

MD5 MD5.zip
MD5 is a program for the calculation of a file's checksum, putting the files integrity in safe keeping. This program has been developed by John Walker ( http://www.fourmilab.ch/ ) as public domain software.
MD5.exe is part of the above installations and includes a textfile with MD5 checksums of all feasible files additionally.
This archive's MD5 checksum is D575A73748874C9BE83A64BBFFF50979

Instructions For downloading this software please click one of the above links. Then select 'Save as ...'. Whenever your downloading has been completed, installation may be started by doubleclicking the saved file in the Explorer window. Thereafter follow the instructions shown.