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Spam Condome 'Spam Condome' is a POP3 proxy screening incoming emails by the use of a white and a black list, different keywords, content checks and free definable filters all written in the Perl language. Against messages of originators detected as not wanted several actions may be configured such as:

o Email deletion
o Email identification as spam by keywords
    in order to allow storage, for example, in Outlook in a separate folder
o Email downloading and deletion therafter without the program noticing
   Thus no email will be lost.

  'Spam Condome' is installed between the email program and POP3 server acting transparently in the background. It will be configured through a menu activated from the windows taskbar. The email program is to be reconfigured to allow receipt of emails not directly from the email server but through the installed 'Spam Condome'. This can comfortably be achieved using a wizard during installation and a few mouse clicks.

  Additional information on 'Spam Condome' may be found here.